OSU Makes First Offer to 2026 QB Recruit in Brady Smigiel

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-makes-first-offer-to-2026-qb-recruit-in-brady-smigiel/

Smigiel had 3,467 yards and 51 total touchdowns as a freshman.

Newbury Park, CA. Home of Daniel Bobik. Get the sister and wife to recruit him. Seal the deal.

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Would be pretty cool to have a QB that can hit a receiver in stride on a deep ball. Haven’t had that since Weeden.

Jason Taylor got drafted in the USFL. Expect him to get drafted in the NFL as well.

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Not overly impressed by the clips. Doesn’t look very athletic. Gumby just stays away for the most part from dual threat guys and that’s a dang shame. Got to be very mobile these days.