OSU Offers All-Ohio Valley Conference Lineman Michael Shanahan

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-offers-all-ohio-valley-conference-lineman-michael-shanahan/

Shanahan was a sophomore at UT-Martin this past season.

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We’re gonna need him at the rate we’re losing linemen

I would take him.

We need Shanahan, two more OL including an experienced center.

He plays guard, all american. Be a great pick up.
Our line is not as bad as a lot make out. It would be nice if they had help.

The recievers as a whole was probably the worst Gundy has had for a while.

Sanders being 6’1" is not great. Slow read and release.

Get this guy would help.

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Losing Godlevske is going to hut us the most. I did see where the OU QB Caleb Williams was offered a million to play at Eastern Michigan. This NIL will benefit the schools with rich boosters.

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Weidberg needs to be on the phone with Boone’s estate. Could make a huge difference to the program.

Scratch this one off the list

Missed on the WKU guy too. Staff leaving and missing on transfers. Not looking very good right now.