OSU Offers Class of 2023 Cornerback Braxton Myers

No we are upset because the recruits and their families read these things and if there’s a choice between OSU and another school, they may recall that the first comment on the report that their son received an offer from OSU was a sarcastic comment about him being unranked when the entire class was unranked at the time of the offer.

You can’t see two inches in front of your nose, apparently, in your attempt to express your opinion on Gundy and his recruiting. That you’ll disparage a 15 year old is, frankly, disgusting and I very much hope that the people who run this board find it in the best interest of the board and OSU as a whole to remove your posting priveleges.

Say whatever you want about Gundy. That’s fine. But saying negative things about high schoolers is low. Very low. And you should be very ashamed.

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Let’s ask @Kyle Cox if a person should be kicked off for mentioning that the kid is unranked? Also if it is low, very low to tell a kid the truth, then I am ashamed. I am even more ashamed of the piss poor job of recruiting Gundy does.

Everybody in his class is unranked because he’s a freshman in high school! There are no rankings for that class, which is why he’s unranked! And you’re complaining about the coaches extending an offer to a recruit that is unranked, for a class that hasn’t been ranked yet!

I know why he is unranked, Captain Obvious.

Then why trash the kid?

Why was Kyle Cox trashing the kid?

Where’d u go to school pal

Frankly, I’m the stupid one for even engaging with you, as you’re clearly a troll.

Stop being a jerk about high school kids.

OSU just like all my in laws my brother, my wife and my daughters.

You all have to be Democrats the way you hold some to a different standard. Not one of you have said a word about Kyle Cox mentioning he was unranked.

I need you to do me a favor. Sound less stupid by the second for a change.

Definitely a Democrat.


Stop making your stupidity political. Accept some personal responsibility for it.

? :eyes:?

Wayyyyyy too over the top to be a troll… you either really suck at it, or you’re just that ridiculous.

I have a theory that @ar1 is Joe Wickline.

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At the chance of sounding low, I heard Joe Wickline was unranked too.

Texas offered him so he was ranked.

How’s the ranch going, Joe?

Extremely low cattle prices with record high profits by the packers (1 billion/week), all being lead by the ag moffia cargill. But I make a livin’.

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