OSU Offers Class of 2023 Cornerback Braxton Myers

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Cowboys get in early on an exciting playmaking corner.

This is like a dream come true! UNRANKED UNRANKED UNRANKED!

Watch the film you moron. He is a great athlete as a freshman. Get over yourself.


I watched the film, his stats remind me of a Texas Tech cornerback facing Spencer Sanders.

I repeat, he is a freshman. In High School.

247 and Rivals haven’t even released rankings for the 2023 class yet, so yeah, he’s unranked along with every other member of his class, but I’m sure you probably didn’t bother to look into that before posting.

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I didn’t come up with unranked. Just like with the two commits from 2022 or Raymond Gay from 2021.

Well you were certainly the one who was sarcastically posting about it as your way of complaining, and I’m not sure what those other guys have to do with this article about this specific player. You are 100% the one who is now bringing unrelated info into the discussion.

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Well if this kid’s star ratings go up to 4 or five then Grungy will stop recruiting him because he will not fit the Cowboy Culture anymore. Plus he will have to put in alittle effort In to keep on this kid.

Side note, I talked to a current football player who said that 5 Stars don’t really fit Coach Gundy’s system. Thought that was in interesting observation. He’s a four star so I wondered how he came to that conclusion but he never really elaborated.

almost every 2023 player is going to be unranked. It’s too early to make any judgements on this player as far as composites go, watch the film for the eye test. Also our 2022 class is at least off to a fast start, our corner commit beamon has an 87 247 grade and kelvin banks is a 4 star lineman.

So you’re saying he’s going to have like two picks per game?

I believe it was 2 fumbles and 3 interceptions.

Recruits and their families read these posts. @ar1 probably cost us this guy… so that’s cool.


The thought process he goes through to bash a 14 year must be a rollercoaster ride


@kyleporterCBS I am not at all trying to tell you how to run your site, as I know nothing of this type of deal. But @leecothran is right… the crass, rude comments that the viewing public can see are less than ideal…

Y’all are exactly right, everything on here needs to be 100% positive! Everyone should know there is zero room for improvement. No one has ever recruited better than Gundy.

Yep it looks like 4 straight years of National Championships to me!

A response we were expecting, the point flew clear over your head


No y’all are just pissed that I said UNRANKED. Well it was in the post just like the post about Raymond Gay a day or so before. Obviously y’all are happy with the way things are.