OSU Offers In-State Freshman Star David Stone

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-offers-in-state-freshman-star-david-stone/

Stone is already garnering a ton of attention as a stud in 2024.

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Get them into the culture early.

Your right. I’m sure he can wait to be part of a culture that is content with 4th place and doesn’t care to put a special emphasis on Bedlam.

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Its really weird how u and ar0 come on here at the same time. I guess u guys share a hole

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Does the article say WHERE in Oklahoma Stone plays? If so, I missed it…

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No it did not. If u really want to know. He is out of del city.

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Yeah weak article. Does not mention High School or height/weight/speed or WHY is he be offered so young. What are his stats?

Thanks. I read it 2-3x just thinking I was breezing over it. I guess, technically, as a freshman, he hasn’t played anywhere yet!

No he did play. I think 6 games. I can’t remember his stats but they were off the chart. They were like 11 tackles for loss, 13 qb hurries, forced fumble. Fumble recovery.
Go to either 247 or pokes.

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