OSU Offers Walk-on Spot to Younger Brother of Malcolm Rodriguez

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Another Rodriguez at OSU? Yes, please.

Athletic like his brother. Hope he stays with it. I doubt he can move to lb. Remember it took 5 years for malcolm’s break out year.

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Malcolm developed into a monster over his time at OSU. Here’s hoping that his brother has the genetics for doing the same.


There’s a RB at Grove I wish we’d offer a PWO. He’s smaller build but he broke a bunch of rushing records and his family is big OSU fans so it’d be cool if he could get a chance.


Don’t remember Malcom’s size when he got here but he had to be bigger ? He was 225 when he left ? Lil brother at 165 would be hard to reach that size, Malcom also increased his speed plus a champion in wrestling. I think wrestling does help in football. Hope he has the work ethic on Rodrigo


Yea his little brother is smaller and he may have less up side. Max preps listed Malcom as 6’ 0" and 200 pounds in high school. He also wrestled at 195 his senior year. The NFL combine listed him as 5’ 11" and 232 pounds


Hope he doesn’t talk to Lil. Presley.

Lol you must read romance novels or watch soaps.

Only you can come up with bs.

First he probably talked his brother. Also big presley.

Its pretty clear lil presley is a cry baby that wasnt sure he could play with the big boys. In less then 10 days he ran home.

Your one of those giys that always went on about boomer the bust guy. He ran home too. And never played but was able to sleep with his mom tucking him in.

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I hope he does jug. Then he can tell him what a crybaby he is for running like a 6 year old. Grow the hell up. Don’t be a mommy’s boy.
You are a sad case jug, pitiful really that you have to bash a kid that wants to be here

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Does Malcolm’s older brother having any eligibility left?? Let’s do a package deal! We’ll take all the Rodrigos.