OSU Parts Ways with Women's Basketball Coach Jim Littell

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Littell has coached the Cowgirls since 2011.

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What this shows me is that my suspicion that mediocrity will no longer be tolerated in OSU athletics has been confirmed.
The athletic dept. intends to raise the level of success across the board, and that starts with coaching.
Consistent success, not once in awhile success.
It will be interesting to see how many more seasons Mike Boynton will have to improve the basketball program. If a few more guys would hit the portal, he would then have a chance to grab some guys from the portal and find some proven shooters. Hard to look good with your Xs and Os when your guys can’t shoot or hit free throws. Talented players make coaches look good. Clean house if that’s what it takes, Chad.

Hire Barry Hinson.

He’s 60 years old and had mediocre success at Missouri State and SIU.

Really disappointing unless little did want to leave. One bad season this year.

From COY to out of a job the next. The ladies were having a really bad year. It can turn quickly.

  1. He’s an OSU guy - loyal & true;
  2. He’s one of the top motivators/speakers in the business;
  3. Impressive coaching tree – including working as a student with Henry Iba;
  4. For the reasons listed above, believe he would be an outstanding recruiter.

I can’t think of her name. Actually I can’t think of any of their names. Two years ago, tech hired a coach. Her daughter was on our team. That was nothing to do with us. We lost a all- American too. She had real good ties with the family too.

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I think we need to get rid of the mindset that because someone went to OSU, that translates into a good reason to hire him or her. Hiring should be based on what the person has done in their career. When we heard that Eddie Sutton was hired as OSU coach I was thrilled because I knew where he had coached at previously and what his level of success had been. I didn’t know at the time that he played for Iba. It would not have mattered where he went to college. His coaching skill level was reflected in his win and loss column, along with the type of schools who hired him. I used to live in Kentucky. They are crazy about their basketball, and they demand success, so they try to hire the best coaches, if they can. If we are going to have a great basketball team some day in the near future, then it is going to take finding a great coach. I think we had the potential for that with the guy who is now coach at Illinois, but he was about greed more than building a winning program at OSU. Coaching and recruiting are the main ingredients. Everything else is just mind fluff for the fans. I don’t care about loyal and true. I care about lots of W’s. If I was AD, I would no longer be giving out 5 year contracts. I would start coaches out with 3 year deals. Take it or leave it.

@tai So where did Eddie play college ball? You dont want to bring it up because it does not fit your narrative? Sit down some where and hush. You talk just to talk. Stick to the sidelines and keep your comments in your pocket.

@tai you sound just as greedy as Underwood

Some of are best coaches have been alumni. I understand what your saying, but .

Understand your point-of-view – the same perspective is employed over-and-over by that school in Norman.

Loyal & true means something to me. Gundy. Sutton. Holliday. Holder. Bratton. Smith. Robertson.

We may not win every game or contest. But when we saddle up with those that have competed for OSU as student-athletes and as coaches, I’m good with whatever the end result might be.

I have no interest in our institution becoming a spot for mercenaries.


Where did Henry Iba play college basketball?

@ar1 stay in the backseat and put your seatbelt on and play the quiet game

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@918tulsa I’ve noticed you seem to tell everyone to shut up because you are too stupid to even make a decent point.

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LOL. Guess giving an opinion isn’t allowed on your watch is it sweetheart? I knew you were stuck in a 1940s basketball mindset but I didn’t know you were also stuck in a 1940s German dictatorship mindset as well.

We were just swept in a baseball series with Gonzaga… if Chad is chatting with Josh, he needs to shut the hell up!! Actually a bit indifferent about Jim, but don’t like the message it sends overall. Miss the NCAA tournament 2 or 3 years in a row, it isn’t even a conversation. jmho…

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Yo @zz ■■■■ sure dont know about hooping

Everyone who don’t make no sense, dumbing down the fan base. Then theres you.