OSU Players Surprised Mike Gundy with a Treat for his 54th Birthday

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Who doesn’t love a birthday surprise?

Sounds like a great time

One of them fellas, Presley I think, made me deeply regret not muting the speakers before I hit play… Would’ve loved for Rodriguez to actually put it in Gundy’s face!

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Sure was hoping they got him a new playbook instead of a cake😬

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I was thinking it might’ve been a 1945 National Champions vintage t-shirt he could wear on game day.

Or holgorson jumping out of a box with a bow on it.

This made me laugh as it brought back a memory of when I was at OSU. I graduated in 1978 (1974 to 1978) and of course there was no internet then (no cell phones either) so the O’colly was published on paper and distributed campus wide. Don;t know about the O’colly today but back then you could take out personal adds. Can’t recall what year it was exactly but it was a time when folks were hating on head football coach Jim Stanley much the same as some do here in this forum with HCMG. I recall one week going through the O’colly personal ads and saw this "LOST: One OSU football playbook, if found please contact Coach Stanley. Description: Black 3-ring binder containing 1 page lol

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That is a great story. And fitting. Since he is the only other title winner.

Now that’s funny.


Thats just wrong which ever way u look at it

Must’ve been hidden on campus until 1986.

So you think Gundy found it LOL. Good one. Although seriously one can see that HCMG isn’t alone. Most coaches, whether they are good, bad or in between through the ages get the same criticism.