OSU QB Recruit High on Cowboys, Planning Visit Soon

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OSU’s chase for a QB continues in 2023.

As long as gundy jr is on campus there will be no high profile QB willing to sign up. Gundy Jr. needs to be better than he was in highschool if we are going to go after championships all of a sudden for the next 4 years.


If Gunnar plays and starts he will have to be heads above everyone else. Gundy doesn’t want that headache. We will get what we always get whether Gunnar is here or not

This has been Gundy’s strategic plan all along. Frustrating - (was going to name names but I am hesitate to reveal because of possible retribution). Our recruiting staff and a couple of coaches have expressed frustration with the situation since it was apparent he desperately wants Gunnar to have the opportunity of playing QB at his dad’s alma mater. This will be Gundy’s demise…like Coach Simmons but under different circumstances.


Hate to hear that

RA creating a bunch of drama for a story. Nothing to see here