OSU Quarterback Ethan Bullock Makes Appearance on 'Last Chance U'

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Bullock played at the protagonists’ rival school.

Never made the connection! I watched the whole season yesterday. I always find it interesting when offers start rolling in if OSU offers some of the kids. It was a good season of Last Chance. Probably my favorite from a coach and drama type perspective. Wasn’t much big drama like seasons past. I wasn’t a big fan of the team, especially since they really only had 1 D1 prospect. Would like them to get back to high profile Juco’s even if there’s not as much excitement as far as coach and teams.

We miss you.

SPOILERS! /s kinda

Although I will admit it is my fault for not having the strength to ignore the article.

So, Bullock is kind of a Daxx Garman type? Tall, great arm, but slow as Christmas? Given that, I doubt he would see the field unless it was an emergency situation.

This is interesting… "I didn’t know that, but then you look at it and say, Okay, I was a dumb#ss. "

Why are they recruiting a guy that’s slow and can’t play consistently well in junior college?

Mike Gundy is likely hoping that the cameras follow the young man to Stillwater. Then he will hope to turn those camera onto himself. Mike Gundy loves the camera, loves the bright lights…he loves him some him so that is likely why joe15