OSU Quarterback Ethan Bullock Makes Appearance on 'Last Chance U'

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Bullock played at the protagonists’ rival school.

Never made the connection! I watched the whole season yesterday. I always find it interesting when offers start rolling in if OSU offers some of the kids. It was a good season of Last Chance. Probably my favorite from a coach and drama type perspective. Wasn’t much big drama like seasons past. I wasn’t a big fan of the team, especially since they really only had 1 D1 prospect. Would like them to get back to high profile Juco’s even if there’s not as much excitement as far as coach and teams.

We miss you.

SPOILERS! /s kinda

Although I will admit it is my fault for not having the strength to ignore the article.

So, Bullock is kind of a Daxx Garman type? Tall, great arm, but slow as Christmas? Given that, I doubt he would see the field unless it was an emergency situation.

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Why are they recruiting a guy that’s slow and can’t play consistently well in junior college?