OSU Recruiter Rankings

So, for as much as I fuss (and will fuss) about recruiting, I think it’d be interesting to see how people rank the different recruiters that OSU has in different sports. We don’t need to do a deep dive or anything, but a top-3 (or 5 or whatever you like) seems apropos.

Here’s mine:

  1. Tyler Caldwell/John Smith - the absolute elite talent that they keep getting to sign up astounds me
  2. Mike Boynton - we’ll see if Cunningham/Thompson come to the Light Side, but the fact that we’re right there with the big boys is great
  3. Kasey Dunn - just look at our wideouts since he’s been here

Totally agree but I think Wozniak is proving to be neck and neck with Dunn.

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Wozniak has done a killer job with bringing in backs, without a doubt. He brings in Ngata, he goes into a straight-up tie for 3rd.