oSu Recruiting in Texas

Just saw this rundown of top Texas recruits and the schools that are listed as having offered, pop up on my news feed. This is Longhorn slanted, but was was pleasantly surprised that oSu is mentioned several times as offering these highly rated recruits. What else can you do if a kid wants to play for a particular school or in a particular conference? (ie SEC) All you can do is try to develop a relationship and make the offer. Makes me love the kids we have who are committed Cowboys, regardless of the number of stars behind their names. Once coach Glass gets done with them, they can transform themselves into 5-stars on the field.

Longhorns Recruiting Tracker: Elite DE Khurtiss Perry Releases Top Five (msn.com)


Well that doesn’t make sense… according to a few on here we never offer highly rated kids. :thinking:

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We had banks until the Hubbard deal.

Ah I don’t think so he only had 8 offers when he committed, he blew up last summer

I know he did but his decommit came with in a week of the Hubbard deal.

It may have played a factor but once the big boys came calling it was gonna be tough anyway

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True. A small school can’t have a negative tho. All I can say is it didn’t help. With us and Texas song deal, open up Oregon.

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