OSU Releases Statement Following Gundy Teleconference Backlash

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“Everyone wants to return to some degree of normalcy as soon as possible.”

Good on the University to quickly responding. Hopefully the President, the AD and the BOR let Gundy know that his comments were inappropriate, ie, misinformed.

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I’ll say it again, Marshall should be the lead writer on this site. Regardless of sides or preferences, he doesn’t take one. His articles are perfectly positioned for this blog’s purpose. As a sports writer, he neutrally writes the article of factual occurrences and their relation to Oklahoma state athletics. KP and KB have seemed to forget that they are sports writers and nothing more.

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You know it’s bad when the university has to come out and make a statement about the statement their coach just made. It’s like when trump talks and then the medical professionals come on right after him and say here’s what we really know and what we really need to do…i.e. don’t listen to this dude who just spouted nonsense. Dang Gundy did it again


I know he has a lifetime contract… honestly does this hurt him in the long run? OKState make a change sooner rather than later? This is just pure discussion question bc frankly idk if we can get much better than where Gundy has brought this program…

I don’t completely agree with you on this. I really did appreciate Marshall’s post. The editorial posts should not be shoot-from-the-hip quick posts. Take some time, gather facts, and then post an opinion if it is helpful to the objectives of this blog.

Never did the university reprimand what Gundy said. Never did the university contradict what Gundy said.
Never did the university say it WONT have players back by May 1 if allowed.
Never did the university apologize on his behalf…

Because they didn’t have to.

Gundy’s point of his statements (as he said multiple times throughout) is that if health officials say it’s okay, he wants his players back. Then OSU came out and released a statement saying they will listen to health officials. They reiterated, albeit in a more proper and calculated way, the exact same thing Gundy said.

I am loving the “GUNDY WANTS PLAYERS AND PEOPLE TO DIE” hysteria from KP/KB/others, but I’m loving the “OSU had to release a statement apologizing on his behalf” take even more. They never did. At any point. He said if health officials say it’s okay, he’ll have players back. OSU reiterated it by saying they’ll listen to health officials. The statement almost supports his point more than it goes against it.


I get that. I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything Marshall has done on this site. He’s mostly the only thing that keeps me reading. I don’t like opinions when it miscontexts someone else’s statements. If Porter would have said “I get what Gundy meant, but he said it wrong” that would have been fine. But he might as well be sitting on a stand testifying that Gundy be put in prison for attempted murder. He wrote the piece as if it were factual and not opinionated. He knows what Gundy was saying. He just wants the site clicks.

I think it’s also hypocritical to do things like this while in the same breath using the virus as a means to plead for people to give him more money. It’s a bad look on his part.

Enough already with the nonsense about “unpaid college players”. So a full scholarship that covers tuition, board and lodging along with additional free help with academics is not compensation?. What is a 4 year college degree cost these days at OKState? Isn’t that a form of a salary for college players right now. On top of that if you take the players who go on to play in the NFL and earn big money, they get to improve their skills and bodies free of charge by a college spending a huge amount on their development using very high quality coaching. How much is that worth?

Now if the argument is whether that is enough compensation for what they contribute to the school in generating revenue, then feel free to argue away… but please stop with the “unpaid employees” or “unpaid college players”.

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