OSU Remains at No. 14 in AP Poll After K-State Win

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The Cowboys enter the bye week as the Big 12’s top-ranked team.

Since the Big XII is not the going to the playoff, I’m kinda rooting for Cincy to crash the party. Probably won’t happen, but you never know.

You can’t climb the boards if you don’t beat a team by 20 and this team is not beating anybody by 20. We will idle as we play nail biters for the rest of the year. We are Iowa Hawkeyes…have good years but not great and every 4 or 5 years get your hopes up then loose.

Is tulsa going to make the cincy game up. Well I doubt we move up much, but the bcs poll isn’t out yet. We keep winning we will get up there.

Don’t rule out BYU either. They look better than just about anyone right now.

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This is why not having a non-con is so crucial. Let’s say Bama, Ohio state, Notre Dane, and a pac 12 team (maybe oregon) go undefeated. Then you have Clemson who runs the table the rest of the way, and so does undefeated BYU and Cincinnati. What does the committee do then? That’s arguably 7 teams that deserve to be in. Noncon games may have settled a little bit of this, but with the odd scheduling this year is extra chaotic.

This is exactly what they wanted. Alabama Ohio State Notre Dame and they wanted Florida but Texas A&M screwed that up. But they never want the Big 12 or Pac 12.