OSU Reportedly Contacts Five-star PG Skyy Clark After Kentucky Decommitment

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OSU is on the hunt for a PG in 2022.

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:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Why what? We shouldn’t go after players from a program that routinely shells out some of the best NBA talent there is?

He’ll will just come he and play like chit.

Did 5 star Cade come to OSU and play like chit?
We need a super star shooter on the roster to turn this team into a good team.
Is this kid going to give up Kentucky in order to play for a team that just went .500?
I think not, unless he has a brother who needs a job.
He will end up with a good school that offers a large bag thanks to NIL. The whole world is changing, and that includes college sports.
Give us a real shooter and the 4 other guys can just get the ball to him, set screens, play tough defense and shoot as little as possible. Of course, that did not turn out too well for OU when they had Trey Young.


Really? And how do you know that?

I’m doing what you do best

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