OSU Reportedly Set to Invest $40 Million in Boone Pickens Stadium Renovation

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BPS to undergo significant renovations.

Weiberg is rocketship.

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Well I guess they are going to pump money into football.

Need to have it like USC,& seat backs on every seat so more comfortable

I thought ol AR and joe were just bitc*ing saying they have seen the “commitment “ to football Gundy talked about?! :rofl: I guess there was plenty of money out there for football that holder just forgot about


Maybe we can find another donor to give 500 million to average 4th in the conference.

Well thank god all the money holder allocated to golf and equestrian has paid off, I’ll give you this though if Gundy doesn’t regularly compete for a title these next few years with what’s happened financially then it’s time to move on.

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Hopefully this is the beginning of the financial dominoes falling. Still not exactly sure why they upped his pay since I think there is essentially a 0% chance he leaves for another job. Would’ve liked to see that money used elsewhere but I do like what I’m seeing with the investments being made into the program. Hopefully Boone left something in his estate to keep it rolling.

By "next few years " I assume you mean 17 more years. At least we might make a NY6 bowl in 2033.

I fully believe Chad has way more interest in football succeeding than holder, I don’t find it a coincidence that one year into the job, he’s able to find all this money for football, all while holder b*tches and moans about gundys recruiting while providing a recruiting budget that Kansas could beat.

Yes a few means 11 years great math student you are.

That budget was pathetic. Haven’t seen any new numbers but I’d guess it’s higher than it was a few years ago based on all the other moves that were made. Curious as to what it is now.

Idk but it’s gotta be better especially with Gundy getting a raise

I think Gundy or his agent must have scripted one heck of a sales presentation for Chad and what’s her name, the new president in order to get that kind of money released. They probably had some kind of fund tied to the stock market which really skyrocketed.
When people want to put down Mike Holder they might want to recall who made the connection with T. Boone, and where would Cowboy football be without T. Boone? It takes a very short memory to forget all that Mike Holder accomplished. And he was right on for being disappointed in how Gundy recruits.

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Stupidest comment made. Boone was going to donate no matter what. I bet Boone would love a receipt to see how much holder wasted on karsten creek

You’re right! That is the “Stupidest comment made.”

Oh I forgot your a “big time “ donor on a free blog site :rofl:

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So, jug paid Gundy’s raise? That was thoughtful.


Best thing ever to happen to OSU football was for Holder to retire. Said it along time ago now just one more to go! Would we all agree that with Gundy now being the highest paid coach in conference and what we have coming back and what most of the other teams lost that he should be in the title game this year if not win it all? I do. Let’s set back and see what happens. Get your popcorn ready. Big year for gundy and bigger expectations hopefully.


I love that we are investing big money in football, but this does not seem like the place to invest it. We are behind the times. Facility investments used to lead to good recruits which would lead to wins which would lead to more money/support. Those days are over. There is no longer any need to pay players with shiny facilities when you can pay them directly with NIL money. New facilities will not hurt, but $40 million does not seem like a wise investment, especially when BPS does not currently feel uncomfortable.