OSU Reportedly Showing Interest in Sought-After Hoops Transfers Simas Lukosius, Tre White and Glenn Taylor Jr.

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The Cowboys remain aggressive in the portal.

We will not win any games with a true center.
The kid from butler will get lost in boynton "offense "
Its not looking good.

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I saw Boynton at Costco in Tulsa this weekend. What a clown. My wife wouldn’t let me approach him and tell him what I think of him. So I just flipped him off instead.

Thats grown up. Was it your wife or your mom


I tried to tell him I was Robert28, but I was speaking in coherent sentences so he knew I was lying.

You had me at try. I knew you were lieing.

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You are such a retard.

So you flipped him off cause he’s the coach and doing the best he can ? He’s all in for us , whether he wins or not I think he’s busted his arse trying. Sometimes when you flip off someone you don’t know, you might get that finger broke … did you need your balls out of your wife’s purse to do that ?


Um… Lol. Doing the best he can for $3 million? & $&_:&3/please.