OSU Safety Tre Sterling Declares for the NFL Draft

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Sterling got to end his OSU career on a high note.

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Good luck. So far that 2 safeties gone.


Good luck and many thanks…


Thank you and good luck in the NFL.

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I mean….Jason Taylor did a pretty good job in his absence. I think we’ll be alright next season. Good luck to him.

How does him not being able to play this season affect his draft stock? I’d imagine it hurts it a pretty good amount since he doesn’t have a blue blood logo on his helmet to get the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t think he’s making a wise choice (on the surface). Missed most of this year, and never made all-Big 12. Why not come back and try to actually make the league?

Guys that generally go 7 yrs are called doctors​:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::innocent::innocent::innocent::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
He also mite get hurt again be in the same boat.
It’s a tuff choice

First thought: this might impact Tanner McAlister’s portal decision.

Second thought: how can McAlister even consider transferring after this season?

Third thought: Harvel-Peel also declared for the draft last year before making (smart) decision to come back.

Fourth thought: I don’t think Sterling is likely to get drafted, but will get signed as a FA.

Final thought: Lots of talent in the safety room!

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If peel goes too we will only have one with experience.
Beside trey who was a starter at wake. We should be fine.

With all these younger qb coming up. Our secondary will need to step up.

This defense will not look as good, it won’t have anything to do with the lose of Knowles.

I’m find with two DC from our guys. Or if patterson would come over. They made adjustments just like Knowles. Ou scored 4 times Baylor 3 and nd 4 each in the first half. The prevent did cough up one. And in the ou game if the receiver could have put the foot down. That ou prevent was more luck then good.

Nd took advantage of the secondary with their oline able to stop our dline.

I think our defense is going to be outstanding next year. Of course, I subscribe to it “all matters up front” on both sides of the ball.

Our defensive front is just silly:

End: Brock Martin, Collin Oliver, Trace Ford
Tackle: Brendon Evers, Collin Clay, Aden Kelley
Tackle: Israel Antwine, Sione Asi, Xavier Ross
End: Tyler Lacy, Kody Walterscheid, DeSean Brown

That’s 3-deep and not even considering potential return of Jayden Jernigan. In fact, it’s probably the reason Jernigan is looking at options.

Everyone behind that defensive front is going to look good.


Yes that front will make it good

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