OSU Sends off Mike Holder With Retirement Video

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OSU coaches send off Holder as he retires from the AD position.

Great ad

“Gundy, what did you think of Holder?” awkward silence

That is weird no gundy.

The silence says a lot beings the football program benefited the most under Holder.
Not to mention Gundy personally.

Lack of sendoff from Gundy speaks volumes about Gundy’s ego.
Holder told it like it was about Gundy’s recruiting needing to move it up a level and Gundy could not handle that feedback.
Thank you to coach Holder for raising the bar of excellence at OSU in so many ways. I want to see the OSU athletic village named the Mike Holder Athletic Village. You took us from mediocre to highly competitive in most sports. No other OSU AD has done what you have done. Looking forward to seeing you elected in various hall of fames.
Goodbye to my former classmate of 1966.


Awful look from mullet Mike not appearing in this considering he’s the one that’s benefitted the most.

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Mike could have been some where when it was made. It was just throw together.

The mullet is too important for that. He’s got batting practice to get to and if I’m not mistaken grand lake house duty for the next month.

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Very disappointing that Gundy wasn’t on the video. No excuse. Small. Petty. Selfish.


It was just thrown together?! Are you f—king kidding me?! Whatever qualms I may have with Holder’s handling of Gundy’s contract and Ford’s contract, the fact remains Holder did more in 16 years to improve Oklahoma State athletics overall than any other person to come before him. By the standard of fundraising and seeing things through to completion, he’s the GOAT at OSU. I very seriously doubt that a video made by the very people who have him to thank for their jobs, just “threw it together”. Even today, your lack of intelligence continues to amaze me. I don’t care how busy Gundy may be, he could’ve found 30 seconds to say something nice on video about the guy who hired him and put up with his mediocrity, arrogance, and shenanigans for the past 16 years.


Lol I love it. And his shenanigans.
If gundy mediocre then every football coach before him have been failures.
His arrogance is something u could have if u felt better about urself.
I’m not watching again but I’m sure he was not the only head coach not there. We’re both the track coach the I know men’s cc.
Any way if he was on there u guys would cry and say way was he not on his helicopter recuirting.
I do think u guys put more drama into this then there is.

I like this black book. Next we will have ufo’s landing. Oh wait gundy is probably an :alien:.
I do say u gurls make it interesting. Who needs day time dramas, we got the days of gundy rite here.

“The best tribute to me (Mike Holder, that Mike Gundy could give) or Boone Pickens is to win football games. Sign great players, mentor them, make sure they get a good education, coach them up on game day, and then win a bunch of games.”

Seems to be working really hard at not mentioning something.

Well he has done all that. Won games at a high rate along with graduating kids.