OSU Set to Unveil Permanent Statue of Boone Pickens

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A 9-foot-tall bronze statue will memorialize Pickens, who died last year.

One of r more fun love fans on this site said boone didn’t get his money’s worth. Field statue gush what else would he want. Yea I know. He did do a lot thanks.

Next statue should be Mr. Iba.
Yes, I know he has his name on the arena but so does BP on the stadium.

Then Barry Sanders…


And Gundy ( I know I will get a reaction on this)

He wanted conference championships. And possibly a national championship. I can promise you that he did not get what he expected with the amount of financial impact he made.


Why u telling me it’s not my money

I figured I was the fan you were thinking of that said Boone didn’t get his money’s worth. Just thought I would explain why some people feel that way. Have a great day.

I don’t have a problem with them doing the statue. I would just like to know when we are going to start making statues of past football players?

I think they should do a statue of Gundy with the mullet and his shirt off.

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I knew who u r I’m just saying, I’m not his financial planner.

Excellent I’m on board. U final warming up to Gundy.

I guess I should say I wasnt his financial planner sorry my bad

Not really. I just know our fan base (and Gundy) would probably care more about that than beating OU or winning a conference title.

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Do they not teach sarcasm at norman normal school

Ur real big at pointing things out. Gundy has never lost a 21 point lead to lose 4th at. It only took riley less then 4 yr. I know u’ll comeback with how riley has taken 85 4 stars in to the playoff and got beaten so bad switzer want to be in his grave, so he can turn in it.

On the serious side. There should be the college at least study boone. Add that to the money he gave to the whole university he should be recognized.

What T. Boone seemed to have wanted the most was to see us win Bedlam many times. I think that was his major disappointment with Gundy.

He actually wanted conference championships, national championships and to regularly beat the Sooners. He would trade this two-bit statue for those things.

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And there you have it. Boone and so much of the OSU fan base, would rather simply beat OU, than win conference or national championships.
I’ll swear, we could win only ONE game a year and if that game was against the Sooners? Our fans would rush the field, tear down the goal posts and run around screaming, “We’re number one!!” Then of course, there would be a plaque placed in the trophy case, by our Athletic Director, to commemorate the ONE win season.
Our jealousy toward OU is pathetic!!

With Gundy you get nether. You don’t beat OU, you don’t win the conference and national championships are less likely than a positive story about Trump.

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