OSU Signees Rondel Walker, Donovan Williams Affirm Commitment After Ban

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Some positive news!


This may not be realistic, but Boynton and this program deserve 13,611 in the stands EVERY NIGHT! If we truly wish to restore the roar and rowdy to GIA, this program and coach desperately needs and deserves our support, whether this class stays intact or not. Please, please, if you can get to Stilly and get tickets, then please do your part to fill the old barn!

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I agree with you and it starts with the student body. Hopefully they learn how to stay past halftime for the football games and find time in their busy schedule to attend all basketball games.

The students aren’t the problem in basketball. I went to several games last year where the students showed up and filled their sections, but the rest of the fan base didn’t. Some of these games were just embarrassing on television in terms of attendance.

The fact that Cade has not immediately pledged to stay at OSU might suggest he is busy considering his options. That is not good. Rondel essentially said that if Cade stays I stay. But if he bolts then I don’t want to stay here because I came here only because this is where Cade was going. I am here for Cade, not for OSU. I was depending on the play of Cade to also make me a star.