OSU Softball All-American Kelly Maxwell Announces She is Entering Transfer Portal

Originally published at: OSU Softball All-American Kelly Maxwell Announces She is Entering Transfer Portal – Pistols Firing

OSU loses an All-American pitcher to the portal.

Watch. I bet she transfers to OU and I’ll just want to throw up.

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I wonder what the backstory is. Here’s one thing I hate about the transfer portal: how are you supposed to feel about an all-time great that leaves for another school? If she goes to somewhere like Alabama or Washington, then no hard feelings and she’s still an OSU hero. Transfer to OU and everything you’ve done for OSU goes out the window and she’s a villain. It’s a weird time and NOT good for traditions.

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Transfer portal, NIL and extra covid year are killing everything we love about college sports.


Hopefully she goes somewhere like Florida State who just lost their AA pitcher and not OU. However, I couldn’t fault her for going there to win a title but I’d sure hate it lol

I honestly didn’t even realize she had another year available to play. Shame she isn’t gonna stick it out with us.


Over on PokesReport they are all but saying she is rumored to be going to ou. This will be a huge kick in the balls.


Kelly is an all-time OSU great, but if she goes to OU, then she is persona non grata to Oklahoma State. Strange times.


You be you, Kelly.

My opinion, tho’, is someone who refuses to stick it out and stay loyal and true is not someone I’d want as a business partner, a friend, a spouse, a contractor, an airport pickup, a DoorDash driver, a manicurist, or a pet.


:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

zerOU recently got a transfer pitcher from 'sconsin, Paytn Monticelli. I doubt Maxwell goes there, but if she does she’ll get booed for life, LOL.

Oh well. Kenny Gajewski himself is an OU alum, and played baseball there. It is what it is.


Dear Kelly, Grace Youchum does it the right way.

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Ohhhh crap that was funny LOL