OSU Softball: Cowgirls Advance to Women's College World Series

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The Cowgirls are the first team to punch their ticket to OKC in 2022.


They sure are fun to watch!!


Great job girls. 3rd times the charm. There bracket is looking good. They get a extra day of work. The get at least 1 more day of rest.

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Congrats to what is currently the best program at OSU right now.
They really got it rolling.
Hope they’re able go all the way and take home the natty.


:cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face:

I have thoroughly enjoyed our Cowgirls, even went to the last game of the regional, standing room only! (I am too old to stand up for a few hours, but Ms Kelly can sure make a catcher’s glove pop when she wants to…)

As for the WCWS, I want to win the first two games!!! Make no mistake, I want to win them both. …but, if we have to lose one of them, I would prefer that we lose the first one. Losing the first puts us in the loser’s bracket but on our side. Losing the second puts us in the loser’s bracket on the OU side of the bracket! Just noting the unique set up more than anything. lol

I want to see our home state in both sides of the championship 3 game series and we will let the chips fall where they may. GO Pokettes!!! Proud of the Cowgirls. :softball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball:

(and one rumor mill turner at my work is trying to tell me that our head softball coach is heading for A&M when the WCWS dust settles. :frowning_face:)


Hope this puts your mind at ease:


Yeah, I was aware of the extension. At a much smaller level than football of course, but A&M has the money for any buy out on the new contract. They would have to REALLY want him of course, but they did REALLY want to fire the long time coach that they had!! lol Thanks for the reply.

GO POKETTES!! :softball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball:


On coaches changing schools
Better chance of winning
Any connection to the new place

Osu is definitely trying to address the money. Gave him a raise and are looking to get a new stadium. Have done improvements.
A&m may want him bad enough to spend the money.

He has made a name at osu. Competed well with ou and Texas. When they leave he would own the new conference.
Sec has always been tuff in softball. Last 2 years all but tge bottom team have made the playoff. In two years sec is going to add two more teams of high quality to the mix.

So the gamble, go to a&m hope it works out. Stay at osu where he does he can dominate. Remember the portal. He has done well in the portal. He stays and wins conference titles will attract good portal players.

Age and connection. He is older and wiser. Only connection is to the sec. He knows what it takes to recruit here and in the sec.

Yes no help but, I would stay. A&m could be a 4 year gig with more pay. Osu should be a lifetime of pay.

I guess there is one thing I forgot. What players he knows he has coming in and staying. Then what he thinks a&m has. You want to win rite away.


You cover the bases well… lol Sorry, but the pun just wrote itself!! :softball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball:

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