OSU Softball: Cowgirls Fall in Bedlam Game 2, Sooners Capture Big 12 Crown

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Another big third inning from OU decided the game.

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Ou is just load this year. I dnt know how Texas beat them. I knew we went as good as last year. Just a lil down. Get a when tho. Need a super regional.


Our catcher…,I mean wtf was that?

We will get them game 3

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The only way we beat OU is to play error free. Those losses to FSU last week really hurt our chances of a super regional. Even a split would have given oSu a good chance at the super. Need to get the batting order so they have a chance to score. Runners in scoring position three times in a game and coming away with ZERO!


Hate to say it but OU softball is just on another level. The only way to beat them is play a perfect game and hope they’re having a bad day.

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They are playing their axxes off, just can’t seem to get over that big hump of the goons. They can’t pay all of them. Let’s get back to OKC girls!! :cowboy_hat_face:

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