OSU Softball: Cowgirls Land 6 Seed, Will Host Stillwater Regional

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The Cowgirls are still on pace to host a Super Regional.

Sorry but I don’t think they deserve to host a regional considering how they collapsed down the stretch. Hopefully, they can turn it around and prove me wrong.


They picked a bad time to slump. I am really surprised they are hosting a regional. Let’s hope they can catch fire at the regional.


I don’t pretend to be a softball bracketologist, but 6 feels high. The article references losing 5 straight, which is bad enough, but 2-11 in the last 13 is even worse. I think the Cowgirls are getting too much credit for winning a series with FSU before conference play. The committee’s thought process is a bit all over the place. They put OSU at 6, despite just 4 Big12 teams making the tournament, with Texas and Baylor both being under seeded (IMO), and the Cowgirls went just 10-8 in conference play - 10-9 if you include the final loss to KU.

Nonetheless, I’m a huge fan of Gajewski, and super appreciative of the seniors like Naomi, Factor & Maxwell.

Here’s to making a Super Regional!


Weird to take this side of the coin about the NCAA or the selection committee, giving the program its due respect when we usually get screwed in situations like this. To each their own. That being said, I don’t see how we could be ranked behind Texas either but I’m not complaining. lets go win 5 and make its back to OKC

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Like everyone else, I’m surprised by our seed. Still waiting for the Cowgirls to get out of the slump. I hope they put it all together and play good the next couple of weeks.


I am complaining, on one hand. This team seems to have lost its way. Maybe they read their own press clippings maybe just a loss of focus. Miss Maxwell has not been herself all season. Her stoic pretty face seems to hint at personal problems maybe, maybe not. Miss Naomi is turning her pretty face away from hard hit balls, perhaps wanting to maintain her Instagram persona. Miss Edwards is battling but is still adjusting to NCAA softball. I almost wish that she had started slower, but she will come along.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, these are my favorite players, but if they were my daughters, or granddaughters, I would feel the same from watching every game that Espn+ would air!!!

I want to see Becker moved to shortstop and Wynne at second on Kiley’s next fielding error. It is overdue. Aycock may very well be our ‘ace’ at this point and in this moment. It might be time to start working that way.

Factor, Carlile, Wynne and, especially, Tuck have all UPPED their games, but the fall off of key players is debilitating.

The NCAA selection committee did our Cowgirls no favors in their ranking/seeding. First of all, Wichita State has our number, currently. Secondly, and most importantly, all that may correct this tide would be some humble pie in our teams diet, but instead we got another ‘this is a great team’ pat on the head and that is NOT what this team needs after the last month!! jmho… I am often wrong.

I will be rooting for Cowgirl Softball, always. It has become my favorite oSu sports team, to be honest. More so even than football, with the dumpster fire that Gundy has going. Maybe that is why I am mad at the NCAA for over ranking us. I want something to put out the softball dumpster fire!! Coach, grab a hose, and not the ‘garden’ variety. It is time to put egos and personal problems in check.

GO POKETTES!!! :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: BEST OF LUCK!!! …always.

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I think this shows that the committee took the whole season and possibly RPI into account as the Cowgirls still finished 4th in RPI nationally despite their late season slump. They played a fairly tough schedule and got rewarded for it. Whether that is a good thing or a bad waits to be determined. Will this remind them that they are still the same team that won 40 of their first 43 games to set a school record for the best start to a season or will they believe that the collapse wasn’t that bad and not be worried about it. I’m hoping they and rooting for them to get back to early season form and make a run starting with getting some revenge against the Shockers this weekend.

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I don’t see them making it out of this regional. Losing 11 of their last 13 and with an Ace that appears broken, it just seems hollow.