OSU Softball: OU Coach Patty Gasso Says Bedlam Will Continue Next Season

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USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium will host.

Should only agree to play in Stillwater or not at all. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

They left. Only negotiate deals that work in our favor or don’t play them. No need to go out of our way to accommodate a school that left the conference and didn’t much care what it would do to Bedlam.

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This is not football. Softball programs play 50- 60 games in the regular season. The schedule isn’t limited like football. Playing OU is good for OSU softball. One thing that is hurting the Cowgirls this season (in terms of seeding, regional hosting, etc.) is the team’s RPI. Playing OU is good for RPI, strength of schedule, etc. I totally get just wanting to give OU the bird and forget about them, but that’s just not a smart approach for most sports (football is another animal, though). Bedlam needs to continue for baseball, softball, soccer, wrestling, basketball, etc. Playing a good program an hour and half away is smart business.

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Bedlam will continue/return to the non-football sports within the next few years. As for football, we might see home and home series but it won’t be for like at least a decade (similar to OU v Nebraska when they left for the Big 10).

The problem with the RPI is the rest of the Big 12. After the top 3 (OSU, UT & OU) the rest are below. 500 in conference. Teams like Wichita State, Tulsa, UT Arlington have an RPI of 50 or higher. Next year Arizona and Utah will help but the rest of the Big 12 needs to schedule better and be better. Hopefully the non conference teams OSU schedules will also be better.

My one takeaway from this announcement is Gasso has been telling Coach G and OSU no on scheduling future games. When the powers that be agree, she has to be first to announce. Sopners have to look like it was there idea all along to play in the future. Gasso is a great coach but deep down she is still an opportunistic sooner. Glad the arrogant teams are going elsewhere.