OSU Star, Four-year Starting QB Spencer Sanders Enters Transfer Portal

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The Spencer Sanders era is over in Stillwater.

Not surprised at all with one. Best of luck to you Spencer and thanks.

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Ciwboy Cultura

Nothing but respect to Spencer Sanders! Sail on, SS Sanders and best of luck to you wherever you may go (okay, with a couple of notable exceptions – but you know those already).


Lol you act like osu is the only one losing the portal.

I liked sanders in a lot of ways. But, besides the one year he couldnt stay healthy.

Hope by losing a few of these offensive guys we can make room for a couple of line men.

Dickey and Dunn need to be fired. No waiting until after the bowl. Fire them TODAY.

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This is kind of a drag, more for how it looks than anything. I think Rangel looks good, looks like the future…and Flores could be a good one too.
This just seems to reek of dissatisfaction…or it could just be $$ - which absolutely stinks.
I hate to see him go like this. Tarnishes his legacy for me. Just an outsider lookin in…
Hate to see Presley go the most, imo.


Someone please help me understand how Sanders has eligibility with which to transfer? He was a 4 year starter after a redshirt year, so I don’t get it.

Sanders has Covid year left

That gives 6 years of eligibility to compete in 4 seasons. It didn’t give an extra year to compete.

2020 didn’t count against eligibility.

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1 redshirt + 4 playing + bonus covid year. Still has the covid year left.

This was my Facebook post yesterday when I got the breaking news that Sanders was hitting the portal. I’m not being so kind to Spencer. As an alum who lives WAY out of state, I have to pay significant sums of money per year to watch OSU football, so when the team becomes unwatchable (as they were via WVU to close out the season) I get frustrated and angry. Anyway, here’s what I posted:
This sucks. After suffering through some very, very trying times as an Oklahoma State football fan as I watched a redshirt freshman, sophomore, junior and senior Spencer Sanders S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E to run one of the most efficient offenses in the country for the past two decades, and finally getting to see that player perform at his highest level for the grand total of one season over two seasons. Spencer Sanders was good for the 2nd half of last season and the first half of this season (he was injured after that time). Now he’s skipping town to leave the school on its own for the bowl game and he’s likely going to play for some school that is loaded with talent that only lacks a decent QB to put together a strong championship run. The portal may be beneficial for the players, but as a fan IT SUCKS. As a fan, I watched my school take a few large steps backwards when Rudolph and Washington ran out of eligibility and were drafted, but I put my faith in Spencer Sanders because he was an elite signing with a huge upside. Instead of seamlessly inserting himself into the Oklahoma State offense like so many other QB’s that preceded him, Sanders struggled and struggled a LOT. In fact, I don’t remember an OSU QB struggling like Sanders did since the earliest days of the Gundy-era at OSU. I questioned (many times) if Sanders was the right kid for the job, but I still supported him and this is how my loyalty is repaid? Like I said, this sucks. I’ll be rooting for Oklahoma State next year and whatever team is facing Spencer Sanders. Thanks for two winning seasons Spencer. Good luck in your Heisman candidacy


@jeremy13 Really can’t blame you for the way that you feel