OSU Target Bray Lynch Headed to Indiana

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-target-bray-lynch-headed-to-indiana/

Lynch is headed to Bloomington.

So, they’ll have him for a year or two, then he’ll wind up in Stilly via the transfer portal.

I know we need another lineman or two,but the defense needs to get busy.

Understandable that he would choose them. They are kind of a program trying to rise and finished higher than us last season.

Honestly it wouldn’t be a terrible strategy to fill 15-20 of your 25 scholarships during the regular recruiting season like right now and spend more time on higher ranked prospects and try to win them then take your last 5-10 scholarships and after the season during winter go hit the transfer portal for kids from the last 2 years class that were high ranked but unhappy. Split up into two pots that come at different times then you could more efficiently use your resources instead of trying to fill all 25 scholarships in one summer/fall and getting lesser rated talent.

I’m with u some what.
Is this a fad will there always be 2000 in the portal.
Caution will they be like are wake forest kid. Side note do we get his scholarship back can we get another kid in before school starts.
R we going to get any better recurits.
Like are guys usall goes down or sideways when they tranfer. Most blue blood transfers go to another blue blood.
Once u start getting 10 transfer u got to keep get 10 to keep class #'s equally. Thats how we got are worse defense back in 2018. We end up play alot of young guys.