OSU Target David Castillo, No. 1 Player in State, Commits to K-State

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OSU misses on a big name in the state to a Big 12 foe.

Boynton is not a good coach. Full stop.


Its one thing to see an Oklahoma player commit to a team in Kansas but its another thing when an elite Oklahoma player is committing to Kansas State. When OU and OSU can’t beat out K-State for an elite Oklahoma player, it speaks volumes of where the programs are at.


Two words: Jerome Tang. Guarantee that Castillo wouldn’t be going to Manhattan if not for the fast turnaround he’s pulled off. I hope Duke gets rid of Scheyer and opens the vault.

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How does Mike Boynton still have a job?

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I heard Castillo is overrated. But we shall see.

I’ll say when we play them , send a huge guy to truck him and givd him a wake-up :joy:
Tang went as far as Nowell could take him. We will see if he replaces Nowell

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Can’t say I blame him. Tang seems like a great coach to play for.

They all “love” each other :grin::cowboy_hat_face: