OSU To Erect Statue of Barry Sanders, Induct Him Into Ring of Honor

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The GOAT immortalized.

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It’s weird he was the second

Grrr- not ready ughhh

This is why holder can go fly a kite and I hope they never give him a Statue or give him one when he passes if they have to. One of the craziest things Iv seen in college football to this date. Think about if there is a school out there that has had a Heisman Trophy winner and has no statue of him? Osu has been a joke of a football program with holder and I hope he never shows his face ever aging around osu. Another reason osu is getting sold out in this conference realignment.

Holder has done a ton of great t hings for OSU. Including getting Boone to give for the football stadium. O’brate for baseball and others. However, I don’t get how we wouldn’t contact 10 donors and divide the amount and say we need this amount for a statue in the past.

At least it’s finally being done. I’ll say that. '21 at least is fitting for his number. I’m sure that’s part of it but should have been done 20 years ago.

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Yea u got that one wrong too. Holder did all that

If gundy was in the way don’t u think the first one would have been of gundy. Idiot

Gundy is the one that got the statue built and football banners hung in the gym!! You know stuff to recognize the football history. I tag on gundy for his coaching over the past 10 years but I salute him for his persistence of getting I wish you’d recognize the football accomplishments

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