OSU Transfer Hunter Anthony Commits to Nebraska

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The former starting Cowboy lineman has found a new home.

He find a new home like rite after he was in the portal. He just stayed to play in the bowl. He did play.

This is the type of stuff that makes zero sense to me. oSu just won more games than nebraska has won in the last 3 seasons. Starting qb is gone. Haven’t been bowl eligible for 5 straight seasons. They just hired a new ol coach so maybe. Can’t say he didn’t get opportunities, he got pt yesterday. I need answers, but would settle for rumors.


Nah more than that play time, he got that playstation

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Big time wrestling recruit from Tuttle, Harley Andrews, may have been Hunter’s fishing and hunting buddy. I wish Harley had signed with the Cowboys.

Harley will wrestle for Nebraska.

I’d say it’s just playing time, he may have a chance to start at Nebraska and it looks like he probably won’t start at tackle here.

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Would like for us to take his scholarship and find a good Center in the transfer portal.

OSU’s line had a lot of issues this year and he couldn’t work his way into the starting lineup. Doubtful he would next year, given that. So why not go someplace where your chances of starting are better?

It depends on their sells pitch. It’s apparent that he doesn’t think he will start here next year. Which two is good. They must think he will start.

It’s amazing that an OL who could not start in Stillwater transfers to Nebraska thinking he may get more playing time. Tom Osborne’s reign in Lincoln seems forever ago.


Agree 100%! Let’s find a center to anchor our OL. #1 need in my opinion.

Our dl guy is going to Mizzou