OSU Unveils $325 Million Plan to Upgrade Facilities in 'Vision Plan' Blueprint

Originally published at: OSU Unveils $325 Million Plan to Upgrade Facilities in 'Vision Plan' Blueprint | Pistols Firing

This is massive.

Well thats a lot on the table. Looks great. Got a lil village being built.

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Wonderful, beautiful, stupendous. That said, where is the money? It’s all just a dream until you have the money to build it. How long did we wait for baseball until Cecil O’Brate came through? Not trying to be a stick in the mud here, but this is all WAY easier said than done. Anyone who expects a shovel-turn ceremony tomorrow for any of this is gulping orange kool-aid.

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Any word if the new facilities will be endowed with the 350 million price tag?

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Wtf? Just a want? I want to win the lottery and have houses in Colorado and st.John and in the mountains of cal. Thought this was a paid plan that they were actually building lol. This basketball team sticks to high heaven!! Sorry got side tracked. How about doing real stuff? Like getting rid of a football coach that has met his ceiling 10 years ago? How about that? How about really showing change? So pissed at this poor administration.

This is my message to the disappointing administration….strive to win and show you are trying to win by your actions and maybes you will get donors to buy in. You’ve done zip zilch so far to show you want to win at a high level. Everybody in the big twelve other than you guys have tried to get better or have gotten better than us. Status quo is not working. Getting basketball coaches and football coaches on Wholesale is not the answer. It’s like you guys have taken Gundy’s brain and Inserted into your own heads. Wake up!! Cowboy fans are not happy at all. DO BETTER at least in one sport other than softball and equestrian.

Your life sucks

No osu sports suck

Truth hurts

Getting whooped by a Baylor team down two of their players on our home court in a must win game. Sutton is rolling in his grave.