oSu vs. K-State game thread

4 - 0 enough said.

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Spencers break out game happens today

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How about them special teams there Jake?

How about that scoreboard?

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I think our offense might have finally figured it out this week. They’re looking good right now.

Spencer 300 yards 4 TDs tonight

Mite help having almost a first team out there

How come people make fun of you on here?

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Whens the last time an oSu offense best WR and RB were both transfers?

Do u think we can run the rest the game out?

I think we win the game pretty easily at this point unless we have a massive collapse. Only complaints so far are the special teams blunder and the weak wussy play calling after the interception allowing them to get a FG.

I hope this is not the beginning of more bone head plays.

Bone head plays r piling up. Good punt tho

Here we go. Hand offs into 8 man fronts and short passes to the sidelines.

Pretty poor play calling so far this half. WTF were they doing in the locker room?

Typical Gundyball we got going now. Had an amazing first half and now they’re about to piss it away.

Bone head plays have not helped

I hope we will not need hale


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U nailed it. 4 and 0