OSU vs KState moved to ESPN+

Not sure if everyone saw but OSU KState is at 6PM and is moved to ESPN+… IDK what everyone else thinks but this is a total BS play by ESPN… Also that being said, the ESPN+ deal what the B12 signed earlier this year is looking way worse now than it did back then…

I guess the FSN’s lost their rights to games when they were spun off?

I don’t know what Disney’s deals are with other networks, but this seems like a better game than at least half of the ones they’ve announced for regular cable channels.

I’ll give you 10-1 odds that OU or Texas won’t be playing any Big 12 games via a streaming service. It’s the same deal with Thursday night home games. They simply tell the conference no and get what they want.

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OU and Texas did not grant their rights to ESPN+, so I’m not going to bet on something that’s obviously not going to happen.

OU’s pay per view game was $55. For less money, $50, you get at least two OSU football games, likely at least 8 basketball games, and all home games for every other sport. It’s a pretty good deal especially compared to what OU does to their fans.

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Well you are already a winner, they were excluded from the agreement because both already have their 3rd tier rights sold (Longhorn Network/ESPN, Sooner Network/Fox). Now they might end up being a visiting team and be on there but their home stuff is off limits to ESPN+.

Can confirm :point_up:, per Tulsa world.

I know this somewhat sucks, but if you subscribe to ESPN+ you get access to “Miles to Go”, the hard knocks-esque TV show of Les Miles taking on the helm as head coach at KU. The most recent episode had live looks into the locker room and practices after their loss to Coastal Carolina. It’s good television in my opinion.

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The $5 subscription doesn’t bother me. I am fine with that. The thing that bothers me the most is that ESPN+ limits our national exposure. Currently, OSU and KState are both ranked in the Top 30 and if we beat Texas this week, this game will be a top 25 matchup! Even if we lose, this game still features two top 30 teams. Can you imagine the SEC allowing Florida vs Mississippi State to be played on the SECN. That would never happen. The fact that I can’t just walk into a bar and see this game on TV is what is most frustrating to me. I’m fine playing McNeese or even Tulsa on ESPN+ but I have a problem this deal starts taking legit good games out of the national spotlight.



Article with comments from KSU AD and Bowlsby: https://www.kansas.com/sports/college/big-12/kansas-state/article235629222.html

" Oklahoma and Texas will also play games on ESPN+, but not to the same degree until their individual agreements for third-tier rights expire."

I wonder if this means they’ve both agreed to put their rights in with ours upon the expiration of these deals. OU’s expires in 2022 I believe.

I doubt OU or Texas will Agree to anything until the last second. They’re going to make a decision in their own self interest whenever they feel that time is right regardless of what the Big12 wants as a whole

That article states “Bowlsby said all 10 conference schools voted to begin streaming games on ESPN+.” So what all does that entail? Is it just pending the expiration of current deals the same as Baylor, WVU, TCU and Tech? That’s how it reads to me.