OSU vs WV gameday

What are you folks thinking about prior to the game at wv? Passing gets back to where it was with Dru and Chuba doing Chuba things.

I’ll be really interested to see what they do differently on offense with Dru. All things considered I don’t see the two being that different outside of the following:

  1. Dru can execute reads past the first look.
  2. Spencer has a stronger arm and faster (Dru can still run) wheels.

On defense I’m really excited to see how well they do in coverage, especially since WVU doesn’t seem to have much of a run game. Their two RBs together have somewhere around 550 yards on the year together.

Drinking, why?

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I think Wolf goes off with a lot of targets from Dru.

Why is GameDay going all in with the selfie stick GoPro setups?

I wonder which receiver Dru has chemistry with. I still want to see Jelani with 6 targets.

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Wolf is one of them for sure.

I want to see more of CJ Moore.

Nice screen blocking and a Chuba burst

There is my Jelani play

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Release the Jelani

Jelani’s first td of the year? That is criminal!

Is it wrong for me to sort of hope for WV to score some so Chuba has to play the whole game???

Kinda wrong, yeah. :slight_smile:

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If Hutton’s punting doesn’t improve, it should increase our frequency of going on 4th…

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I was just thinking the same thing. Waiting for him to have a really effective game.



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Not impressed with the Aussie…

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What’s the deal? I thought he was supposed to be able to boom punts. Haven’t seen it all year.

Got away with one there