OSU Wearing Cursive Cowboys, Orange-White, Orange for Bedlam

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-wearing-cursive-cowboys-orange-white-orange-for-bedlam/

OSU is 3-1 in O-W-O.

Pistols ought to be FIRING!! This is for all you idiot Gundy supporters. What is his record against OU or other big games that matter to compete in the National Championship? Too many short comings in this game to even mention in this game but including: Coming out once again unprepared in the first quarter, and making the game effectively out of reach. Coach playing a QB that hasn’t practiced because the player wants to play because there are no viable alternatives. No sense of urgency even though down by 4 TDs. Plays in late. Poor play calling. Why does OSU give up and punt the ball away at the end of the game down by 2 TDs? Gundy no longer knows how to be competitive and instead has learned how to be just good enough to satisfy all the folks that continue to be impressed with his “winning record”, which allows him to keep the cushy $7.5 million to be a “good” coach. OSU deserves more than a coach that is content with just having a winning record, whatever that means.