OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Come Back to Win Share of Big 12 Title

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AJ Ferrari’s performance in the finals ties OSU with its Bedlam rivals.

Glad they were able to come back and claim a share. Just sucks they have to share it with that team.

It was a great come back.
Aj almost got the extra point.
141 was a nightmare for us.
Hope they do their best

Yea but we did smack down 2 of them to comeback

when and how did we lose the point for unsportsmanlike

They never said on the radio has anyone heard if sheets is getting an at large bid

Let us call it like it is. We lost sole possession of the trophy because of whoever it was that lost us one team point yesterday for unsportsman like conduct. I have no idea who that was but how you like to be that guy knowing that we could have won instead of tied? I would love to know what happened to lose that point. Great matches by OSU in the finals. The biggest surprise was Daton Fix having his hands full with quite a talented wrestler that wasn’t even seeded. The best match of the Cowboy bouts tonight I think was Boo. What an effort to pull that one out. Such great strength to ride Moore for so long considering just how strong Moore is. AJ was just as tremendous as he was expected to be. Continuing with great effort to get a bonus point. OU only looked good because of what injuries have done to this team. Totally different final score if we had a healthy lineup. I think the whole team is aware of that and the announcers should have made more mention of it because the rest of the viewers might have the wrong impression that OU is now on par with Cowboy wrestling. On the other hand, Rosselli seems to be quite the coach and knows how to recruit for sure. Bedlam will be great again next season. Not sure what to think about Whittlake. When Smith said he was disappointed in how they wrestled yesterday I had the impression he had in mind Whittlake and Geer and maybe MastroG. Surely he did not mean Plott because Plott was wrestling injured. But in sum, I really like how much the competition has improved in the Big 12. I guess the days of seeing 7-8 Cowboys in the finals are over. But this is so much better than when the conference tournament of just 4 teams. I wonder if there are plans to replace Fresno State? Sorry to learn tonight that Stanford might be ending their wrestling program. With the tuition that Stanford charges you would think they have plenty of funds for athletics.
AJ as a true freshman gets MVP award. Wow! Can hardly wait to see what can do in the NCCA tournament. He and Fix are our best shot for individual champions. I thought Albert Ferrari’s eyes were going to pop out of their socket as he watched AJ in the championship match. Good to see in the Fix family there appears to be quite a young brother of Daton. Tremendous effort tonight.

A tie breaker is needed for instances like this. Maybe whichever team has the most individual champions should be declared the winner. Co-champs has an awful sound to it.

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sheets has a torn ACL. he’ll likely have surgery very soon

“Boo won by decision over Moore and brought Oklahoma State back within four points of OU.”
Boo got one line in this write-up?
Boo fought his a$$ off to retake the lead after getting caught in the 1st.
And if Mitch hadn’t reversed out of Boo’s tilt and gotten back points of his own - Boo likely goes up 6-0 early in the first after that first tilt. Could have been the bonus point we needed. Huge moment for OU unfortunately.

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Seth - i’d like to see a separate post just about 141

a - Why was the team point deducted? was it a coach? or Gfeller?
b - Why did he forfeit sunday morning? did he not make weight? they called it a ‘medical forfeit’ but he looked fine while on the floor cheering for Ferrari in the finals

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Bittersweet. I have several WTFs (why the f***)

WTF did we lose a team point.
WTF do we keep sending out injured guys.
WTF do we keep having guys get hurt. This is the 3rd or 4th year in a row we have multiple backups out there. This year Sheets and Hone and Montalvo and Brock all got injured IN PRACTICE. These last couple years, Brock’s had injuries, Weigel had injuries, Boo had injuries. It’s unacceptable to have our starting lineup getting hurt so much.

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