OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Fall 19-15 to Northern Iowa

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A tough start to the Cowboys Iowa road trip.

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Is it time to have some guys cut weight so Harris goes back to 197, Geer at 184? We are not going to win at heavy weight anyway so let Putnam be the sacrificial lamb there. Harris can win at 197. Geer would be really good back at 184. I realize we would lose Montalvo since I don’t think he could drop to 174.
I did not think Joe Smith would be effective, he is not in shape for whatever reason. Still injured or just weighs too much and has to cut too much weight and then has no gas in his tank?
A really poor showing tonight but bound to happen with this kind of lineup. I will be interested in listening to what John Smith has to say on his radio show Monday night. Iowa St. is not that good, so if we lose to them, John Smith would have to rethink his lineup. Joe Smith is not the answer. Montalvo is a few years away from being really good.


Seth: Thanks as always for the great coverage and article. Just to let you know, you have an error, unless NIU has two Max Thomsens? You mentioned him wrestling twice, that would be incredible, hah hah.