OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Fall to No. 4 Iowa State in Ames

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The Cowboys fell in a tight dual in Ames.

Is Wittlake hurt or just needing to avoid the number 2 and 4 guys this weekend?

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Announcer said he *tweaked something.”

Do you really think John Smith would schedule teams like Minnesota, Michigan, and Iowa, to avoid tough matches?

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Also odd put Haas out at 285 when he was at 184 for Southern Scuffle. Also, is Blankenship better than anyone else we have at 125? Have 2 or 3 other guys on roster. I think he could be good one day, but is undersized and out as true freshman. I don’t think he was considered a top recruit, right?

I’m not sure, but in any event, Wittlake will have to go up against probably both of them at the conference tournament. So why not let it all ride on that match up which will be given the most weight as to NCAA tournament seeding?