OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Jump Inside Top 5 in Latest Rankings

Originally published at: OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Jump Inside Top 5 in Latest Rankings

The Cowboys jumped after a top-5 upset last week.

Got a tuff schedule.


We are headed in the right direction. Get Surber back in the lineup and pray for no more injuries.


Too early for rankings to accurately reflect how good some teams actually are. Big surprise is WVA ranked. They have been bad for so long. Nice to see Navy in the mix. They were part of the OSU coaching lineage thanks to the famous Peery family. It’s always fun reading their story documented by Ripley’s Believe it or Not.
Ranked fifth without Surber is still encouraging.
When we question at times how recruiting has been going, let’s not forget how this team was supposed to look at this point. Would have had AJ Ferrari and one of his younger brothers with another brother to follow. Recruiting looks to be on the rise and will be even better now because of the portal. Would love to land some of PSU’s leftovers. Iowa kids don’t seem to care to be Cowboys. They prefer remaining farmers. We have legit chance to have 2-3 finalists at NCAA and should get decent amount of consolation points for a change. Most encouraging was listening to Coleman Scott on the radio show Monday night explaining how fired up John Smith is to get this program back to being a contender every season like they used to be. I’m encouraged by the increased physical strength I detect, along with the ability to get off bottom, plus the emphasis on early scoring. This gives the team a new look and new hope. We all want a look at the new heavyweight, but you can’t pull Doucet because of his growing confidence. The benefit of those two going at it in practice should be enormous. Team has depth. The glaring weakness at 157 has been eliminated. I think John Smith needed a spark to rekindle the program and he found it in Coleman Scott. For years I have complained that we needed new blood in the coaching staff. The transfusion is in place. As far as having a tough schedule, we should want to test ourselves against good teams. Since I’m rambling on here, I might as well point out another new look to this wrestling season. PFB has a new guy covering the sport and I’ m really enjoying his flair for writing. Welcome Dekota!

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