OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Roll Out New Mats for 2021

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Of course John Smith got the first takedown.

Awesome. That was quiet the match but he got there in the end.

Those new mats look really great. The team program deserves them. Cuts down on all that gla way too much orange on the previous mats. Glad to see that OSU is remembering their school colors are orange and also black. We are not Clemson.

Dang, who was that guy? He put up a way better fight than I was expecting!

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Osu wins first one 33-9 only r back ups lost

Osu wins second 29-8
Harris tried to lose came back strong
The 3 freshman won both their matches
The 2 backup spots lost all 4
Over all good

That’s insulting comment to Harris. He goes out there each match being significantly outweighed usually. He was recruited for 197 and is not a true heavyweight. Being outweighed makes him look bad at times. Not his fault that we don’t have anyone else good enough to start at that weight. The guy with the gun who got kicked off the Purdue team was supposed to be the guy. Streclker or whatever his name is doesn’t seem to have made his way to Stillwater. So heavyweight will remain a weight where we can’t expect tournament points. I enjoyed all the stories from those 2 old guys broadcasting for ESPN+. Lee Roy and J. Carl.

I was just stating he had difficulty in the 2nd. He finished very strong. Didnt panicked got riding time. Not much time left got the take down. Then took in overtime. He did great. Yes he needs about 20 more lbs but we had white just 2 yrs ago got us alot of points. Harris will do better this yr. I think he will sneak in to ncaa.

I think it takes guts to do what Harris is doing. It’s like being a sacrificial lamb because of not enough weight, quite a disadvantage.
What White accomplished being underweight was simply mind blowing and raw talent. I have watched a lot of different heavyweights compete for OSU since 1966 but I enjoyed watching White at heavyweight the most. Mocco was also fun to watch but when he transferred to OSU he already had won a NCCA title so he was expected to perform as he did. But White was a total surprise. I don’t trust my memory on this but I have a vague memory that he might have even competed also at 184 at least for one match. Can someone verify that?