OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Suffer First Loss to Unranked Foe since 1993

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The Cowboys host No. 7 Iowa State on Sunday.

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Carter Young and Stika were the only two who wrestled really well. Nobody else showed up and acted like they even wanted to be there. Disappointing. But then, I’m not sure we have wrestled to our ranking this past week. If we show up to The Brick looking like that in a few weeks, Iowa will embarrass us.

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Since early this season I have thought that no matter how we show up vs. Iowa, we are going to get embarrassed. Not that we are bad, it’s just that Iowa and Penn State are at a level of talent beyond where the Cowboys are at. I continue to be unimpressed by Wyatt Sheets. It just seems like no matter who we recruit we are always still trying to catch up with PSU and Iowa but just don’t have the talent to do so.
A really sad night for Cowboy wrestling.
Something I have noticed is that with a few exceptions, opposing teams seem to have wrestlers that look and act stronger than our guys who appear, at least on camera, to be slim, while the other teams have guys who look much more muscular and seem to out power some of our guys. The exception to this is Masetro G. who looks skinny but is really strong. This was the same situation with the teams I watched live from 1966-1970. Myron Roderick would not allow them to work out with weights back then. The erroneous thinking was that large muscle mass used up too much oxygen and the fear was our guys would run out of gas if they were too muscular.

Even Daton was lackluster. I don’t know what is going on with this team. Maybe no one is friends with AJ on the team. His bestie is a track guy. But without his heart and fire, we were just mailing it in. Pitiful showing by most of the guys

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I don’t personally know AJ, so I can’t say whether or not he’s close to his teammates away from the mat, but your last 2 lines nailed it!!!

Just not a good weekend for oSu athletics.

tai . . . You do realize this was “3-5 unranked NORTHERN Iowa” correct?

Yes. I am referring to the upcoming match in Texas vs. Iowa. Where I expect us to get blown out of the football stadium. John Smith is lately looking like he has aged quite a bit.
I can see how my referencing Iowa could make people think I was watching Iowa instead of Northern Iowa. I should have taken that into account. Thanks for pointing it out.
I guess our guys thought the match vs an unranked team with losing record would be a walk in the park so they would conserve their energy for Iowa on Sunday. John Smith mentioned in interviews that there is now parity in college wrestling at there are usually not bad wrestlers at Division 1. So you cannot take any opponent for granted. I think they should start taking shots right from the whistle and get the edge during the first period.

I’m agreeing with your last line. John’s teams for the last few years seem to wait back instead of being aggressive and taking the fight to them. If you wait till the third period to win the match it’s either ones match

Spot on. This has been a problem with our wrestling culture for the past 5 years or so. There’s a reason Penn State and Iowa have OWNED us. Those two programs are coached to be incredibly aggressive and offensive-minded.