OSU Wrestling: Daniel Jezik Announces Plans to Transfer

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-wrestling-daniel-jezik-announces-plans-to-transfer/

Jezik intends to play football at next destination.

Hope he does well.

Good luck

I wonder if the kid knocked on Gundy’s door and inquired about playing here?

Well we dnt really need any more rb.

About that kid racking up the most rushing yards in the state of Illinois. As I recall, Coal City is a pretty small town so he probably does not have much competition in the small school his team competes in. Otherwise, if he held that record in a large classification school, every top college would have offered him a football scholarship and he would have then dropped wrestling like a hot potato. Not sure who else we have waiting their turn to compete at 174.

He wrestled at 184 this year at the Cowboy Open and went 0-2. Not sure about the results of any other extra matches he might have wrestled this year. Probably a good choice to give football a try at a smaller school.