OSU Wrestling: Five Thoughts On NCAA Tournament Brackets

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On Wittlake’s low seed and how the Pokes can get some hardware.

As a head coach you don’t have a guy wrestling who was scheduled for knee surgery this week.
Plain and simple, especially when you have a team so beat up with injuries that you have no chance for a team title and probably not even a 4th place trophy. Plott and Sheets should be allowed to heal. I usually support John Smith as he sure knows what he is doing but not in this case when he is jeopardizing the future careers of 2 really good wrestlers.
Beyond belief seeding Whittlake at 10.

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Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Wyatt Sheets got a bid. I’ve looked at the 157 bracket three times and I don’t see him in it. I certainly agree that due to his torn knee ligament, best thing would be to let him get it repaired and be back healthy next year.

He’s 33rd seed going against Luca Frinzi

Sheets was add later. Some one most have bowed out.

Cross country got 3rd at nationals which were held at Stillwater. Girls were 24 with the one girl got 2nd

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I stand corrected. I had not seen the news that he was a late add on due to another wrestler dropping out. Sounds like he really wants to go, so I guess you can’t deny him that opportunity. Still, all things considered, he’d probably be best off getting the knee repaired and start working towards being healthy next year.

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Its really hard to stop a wrestler.
If he doesn’t do more damage its better then a poke in the eye. :upside_down_face::innocent::star_struck::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

he was a late addition as someone else dropped out

Amen. I’m shocked as well. Haven’t we had enough recurring injuries lately?