OSU Wrestling: Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 35-6 Win Over Little Rock

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The Cowboys cruise to a win despite being short a couple of starters.

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Thanks Seth. You are right we need some more high profile Duals. Have you heard where OU will wind up on their wrestling as I don’t believe the SEC wrestles?

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My big issue with OSU wrestling is the ‘radio coverage’. I realize that not every match is going to be televised in one form or another. Why can’t the staff at least upgrade the radio coverage sound quality to a level that is audible and understandable? It sounds like the radio announcer must be using an older model flip phone to call the action! I’ve started listening several times over the last few years but end up shutting him off and going to the internet to find the final results! It’s terrible for fans and embarrassing for the OSU wrestling program!!