OSU Wrestling: Five Thoughts on Oregon State, UT Chattanooga Duals

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OSU won big in its first two duals inside GIA.

It was great for the freshman, plot and an looked real good. R backups were a disappointment since one wrestled all last yr at 133. Over it was good.
Oregon state had already lost to big 12 schools and Mizzou bad and Chattanooga is just not there.

Seth - what’s your prediction for when Taco comes back? Who wins that wrestle-off?

Awesome to start the season finally! Plott and Ferrari looked mean out there. Technique is great and obviously crucial but I like when our guys have a punishing attitude on the mat. When I wrestled, it was one thing to get outwrestled - it was another thing entirely to get outwrestled AND, to put it lightly, “whupped”. Mastro is giving me some vintage Teague Moore vibes. Great to see Kaid back.

Interesting situation with Plott and Taco at 174. That would be a great wrestle off to watch. I think Taco shows so much aggressiveness on the mat that I would want him out there, especially since John Smith has usually not been in favor of starting freshmen with few exceptions. Best of all, I am relieved that Dakota Geer gets to go back down to his natural weight. Kaid Brock still looks too small for 141 but there is no other place for him. Only a few weak weights this season. Get a real heavyweight and Cowboys should contend for the NCAA title in 2 years. But until then this is an exciting lineup. Reece Witcraft still looks like a work in progress but lots of potential. Too bad about a truncated season when we have more potential stars than mediocre talent in this lineup. It’s been a long time coming.