OSU Wrestling: Missouri Hands Oklahoma State Its Third Dual Loss in Two Weeks

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The Cowboys fell in Columbia.

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In my eyes this loss really means nothing because OSU fans realize Mizzu only won because Mastro and A.J. were not able to wrestle, period, end of discussion. Tigers were given a gift. Cowboys obviously lack any depth. Hard to believe that little skinny kid at 125 was a 4-time state champ. Louisiana, I heard is usually pretty weak in wrestling because they only care about high school football down there. Hopefully he only got a tiny part of a scholarship. He would be wise to immediately enter the transfer portal. He was tossed around like a rag doll.
I really enjoyed seeing Gfeller perform as he continues to show John Smith what he is capable of doing. I wonder if Plott might be wrestling with some kind of undisclosed injury. He just has not been wrestling like he is capable of doing.
Poor Luke Surber, facing off against a pretty good ranked guy really taller and weighed more than him. He fought well but he was too undersized. I think Surber should be at 184 when Geer is finished, depending on who we currently have redshirting at that weight.
Were some of our guys out of gas because coach decided to train them all during this weekend? That might have backfired if those guys really did have to train all weekend. I sense that John Smith is super frustrated at this point. Yes, the team overall is not as good as they looked on paper before the season began. I don’t think burning the guys out in the hope that they will perform at a higher level at the NCAA tournament is a good idea. It’s going to be difficult watching the dual against Iowa. Those bruisers are going to try to rub our faces into the mat. John Smith has some soul searching to do during the offseason. I think he knows that he has to start coming up with some changes in how things are done in the program. Too much talent not performing at their expected levels. And how long do we have to go without recruiting a legit heavyweight? We can’t ever afford to give those points away at that weight. The transfer we have from OU at heavyweight is just someone big enough to be a workout partner. We need talent there. Instead of going up, this program is taking a step back. Of course, I said this about the team last season and wondered if they could even be in the top ten at NCAA. And then they brought home a third-place trophy. I again look forward to the John Smith radio show on Monday night. He is pretty candid there. Who is the strength and conditioning coach for the wrestling team?

Calcagno. But I would rather have Mark Smith. Our guys are not strong enough. Not being able to get off bottom is a huge red flag.
Not being able to finish takedowns is another. We’ve lost the only guy with exceptional strength. We should adopt his workout program but I doubt that most of our guys are not willing to go the extra mile like he does.

Yokubaitis “competed for a bit” is putting is strongly. how was that dude a 4-timer??
The things that plagued them during the N Iowa/Iowa St losses seemed to disappear. They were escaping from bottom and finishing takedowns much better. but Plott… PLOTT!!! come on man. The questionable takedown at the end of the period couldn’t be challenged because Smith already had to challenge which wrestler the ref meant to call for stalling - why did that require a ■■■■ challenge???
But that kid got lucky in the end when Plott seemed to have a double secured but he rolled/flipped through somehow. I feel like if they wrestled 10 times, Plott would win the other 9…
Surber just got caught / i don’t fault him at all.

but at 125 - why aren’t we rolling Witcraft out there?

My guess is that if Witcraft is still on the team he can no longer make weight at 125, or else has big injury.
I get so frustrated seeing the opponents showing up with these stocky, muscular bodies going against our typical slim looking guys with few exceptions such as Sheets and AJ and some others. It takes brute strength to get off bottom against those stronger guys. And it looks like a lot of teams have figured out to counter the ankle pick. Just go over top of their body and hold on for a scramble or stalemate. We need more offensive moves other than the ankle pick or single leg. That is why I suggested bringing in a gifted assistant coach who did not wrestle at OSU.
It’s really frustrating that the John Smith weekly radio show changed their format so that they no longer let you call in to ask the coach questions. I would love to ask coach about his team seeming to be not as strong physically as they need to be. I just might ask that in an email to him, realizing he is not going to give that a second thought as he presses delete button.

Thanks Seth. What is the return time frame for AJ?

Fire John Smith

For a guy who doesn’t pay attention to wrestling why our u concern who is coach.
So far u want fire two coach that have a list longer then ur arm of great this. But, ur on the fence about firing boynton who has finished 5th and 1 time winning record in conference.
Do u see we ur delusional.

I was just kidding. Wanted to see your reaction Roberto.

Which part keep boynton?

Nothing about Boynton. I just figured you would be dumb enough to reply and dumb enough to take it seriously. Looks like I was right.

Joey that makes no sense. It can’t be a joke.
U have only talked about 2 osu coaches in the past and both about if they should stay.
Best thing just stat off the site.

Yes it was a joke. You don’t want it to be because you’re trying to save face. It’s not my fault you were gullible and stupid enough to fall for it. Get over it!!!

Joey I never need to save face when talking to u

Apparently you do. Because you responded and you keep responding.

Just waiting to see what stupid chit u say

And you responded like I expected you to.