OSU Wrestling Notebook: Fix's 141-Pound Debut, Spratley Moving Up and Williams 'Growing Up'

Originally published at: OSU Wrestling Notebook: Fix’s 141-Pound Debut, Spratley Moving Up and Williams ‘Growing Up’

On Fix bumping up, Spratley moving up and Williams growing up

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I’m excited about this team, 4 freshmen and the redshirt heavyweight. They are far more aggressive this year, making things happen.
Penn St is another level, let’s hope we can close that gap

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I was extremely impressed by Coleman Scott’s coaching during the filming of a live practice before the Missouri match, which was partially offered free on the Flo site. I’ve just got to believe that he has made a huge difference this year.


Said that a times on here. No doubt he deserves a lot of the credit. And I’m sure his enthusiasm, etc has had an effect on John and the other coaches!

Glad to hear Williams is maturing. That was something people around Collinsville’s wrestling team were worried about. His actions at Dual State his junior year got his team disqualified. Not to say it’s all on him, but he was the team leader…what happened was some of the guys got alky and he or some other C-ville wrestler posted some stuff on IG and/or Tik Tok and got the team DQ’ed. But all of us have made mistakes I’m pretty sure so keep grinding Jordan!