OSU Wrestling: Second Coaches Ranking Released

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Fix jumps to No. 1.

Just going by those rankings which are always hypothetical anyway, doesn’t look like a lot of points can be expected at the NCAA tournament. Chalk that up to injuries. Only 5 weights capable of grabbing points, maybe 6 if Harris can get out of the first round. Fix doing well is a given. I would really like to see Whitlake and Geer do well. I expect Plott to be too injured to compete. Not sure yet what Mastro is capable of. I think it might take a few seasons for him to get up to his potential. I hope we see more offense and less Cowboy circling. The Big 12 matches will give an idea of how they are going to perform. The team does better when they go on the attack right from the whistle in the first period. That is especially true for A.J. who is going to get bounced if he brings his attack too late.

So there are really 12 that they think are better than AJ ? Guess it’s really a tough weight