OSU Wrestling Takes Out Air Force

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Air Force puts up a fight early, but the Cowboys pull away with their upper weights

The starters have all still won. Need to work on escapes.
Next week will be a good test

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I had no idea Harris was wrestling a guy that had been such a high recruit. Very impressive. Makes me wonder what Harris could do if he weighed more. He’s come a long way since last season.
The radio broadcasts just aren’t the same without Rex Holt’s partner who provides color even though he uses hackneyed phrases like, “Come on, got get ya a take down!”. Roger Moore.
Looking forward to better competition next weekend in the state of Iowa. Not sure why the Cowboys have to travel so much. If you have the status of OSU you should make most teams come to your house. It will be great to have Fix back in the lineup and I hope Sheets gets fully healed soon. That should be some lineup then. We can’t afford to give up points at 141 without Brock in the lineup. More guys should come out like Boo, going for the take down right at the whistle. That is how John Smith wants to see all of them wrestle the first period. Avoid having to come from behind and don’t get caught up in a close score in the third period.

Rex Holt reviewed the national rankings at each weight while the matches were going on. Reports a takedown or escape way late or whenever he realizes that something must have happened while he was jabbering. Took him a period and a half to realize that Air Force had a different guy wrestling instead of the one he just got through talking about for 3 minutes. The new guys name was on the screen the whole time. Embarrassing

I know the young guys were highly touted coming in, but it’s great to see them have early success and build that confidence.

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Where is Montalvo ? Did he get beat out in ranking match ? I’ve been away a couple of weeks

Yes he lost out. But should be back next year or if needed

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Thanks Robert